Drexel Woods

Drexel Woods is a flat hike in a tiny preserve that barely contains a mile of trails. It’s one we would normally consider of interest only to locals. What provides broader significance is the 2/10 mile section bordering the Shabakunk. … Read More

Hamilton Veterans Park

This is a town park that offers everything you’d expect, plus a surprisingly pleasant, if slightly surrealistic, woods-walking experience. We’re evaluating this as a woods-hike, and as such it’s OK, but there are much better places to walk in the … Read More

White Oak Trail

This is an odd little trail that starts by the Bull’s Island recreation area on the Delaware, and climbs for a mile before dropping you at the intersection of Federal Twist and Raven Rock-Rosemont Roads, about a quarter of a … Read More

Curlis Lake Woods

The Curlis Lake Woods Trails loop through mature beech, maple, and oak trees and traverse a half-mile of undeveloped lake-shore. The trail system consists of a backbone trail used by horseback riders, cyclists, and walkers that alternates between open fields … Read More

Pole Farm at Mercer Meadows

Pole Tree Pasture In 2010, Mercer County merged 5 separate parks into the “Mercer Meadows, a 1,619 acre utopian park for walking, cycling, and wildlife observation. Primarily consisting of acres upon acres of wildflower meadows. Frankly, while there are some pretty … Read More