About this Site

We’ve been writing about Central NJ hiking since 2006 as part of a life-style blog called Hidden Trenton.

While that site (and the hiking coverage in particular) achieved a reasonable following, I’ve always thought it would be easier to make this available to more people as a stand-alone “hiking” website. Recently I decided to do something about it.

What you see here is a work in progress. Our goal is to update and move-over all of the content that originally appeared in Hidden Trenton, as well as to add selective new content.

For example, over the last few years the Sourlands Preserve completely changed its blazing system, opened up a couple of new trails, closed others (which were generally little-used and easily flooded), and relocated a few segments of existing trails. We’ve updated our review and the GeoPDF map to reflect these changes. In several cases we’ve created new GeoPDF maps for hikes that previously didn’t have them, taking advantage of new GIS resources including the fabulous Open Street Map project.

As of late September, 2021, we’re about 1/3 done in terms of review counts. We started with, and completed, our very favorite hikes (Gravitas = 5-hearts according to our rating criteria). We’ll be adding additional material as quickly as we can (4-hearts are just starting!) consistent with careful updating. We’re adding GeoPDF maps for many more trails, as well as a few brand new reviews (starting with some more in-depth coverage of the Sourlands).

Let us know if we’ve missed your favorite hiking spot. We’d love to hear from you.