Woosamonsa Ridge Preserve

Woosamonsa Ridge is possibly the most beautiful, small hiking preserve local to the Princeton-Trenton corridor, and compares to more distant favorites like Zega-Lockatong and Wickecheoke Creek. Those other preserves provide access to much larger and more dramatic streams. Woosamonsa Ridge … Read More

Watershed Reserve

Formerly the Stony Brook-Millstone Watershed Reserve, the Watershed Reserve is a 930 acre site in Pennington, about 20 minutes from Princeton and half an hour from Trenton. It provides 10 miles of hiking trails, is home to Honey Brook Organic … Read More

Laurie Chauncey Trail

The Laurie Chauncey Trail (“LCT”) is a gorgeous, 2 mile loop around the fringes of the ETS Campus. It stands next to the Ettl Farm Trail (“EFT”), a second loop, which adds some scenic variations and another mile or so of hiking. Both trails track along Stony Brook, a fairly considerable stream that drains much of Hopewell Township and Princeton before joining up with the Millstone in West Windsor. These trails are relatively flat with just enough undulation to be interesting.

Baldpate Mtn: Pine Grove Hike

Suitable for hiking or biking (see Biking Notes): This has been one of our favorite walks on Baldpate for years, but we’ve never written about it in part because a critical segment was missing from the County’s map. This hike takes you through one of the very few stands of pine trees to be found on Baldpate, via a narrow, twisting trail that’s beautiful and fun to walk in almost any season. However, my favorite time to do this hike is in the winter, after a dusting of snow. Another great time to walk this is in July when the wild raspberries are in season. (Driving time is about 25 minutes; rated for intermediate to experienced hikers for elevations and because trails are poorly blazed. Intermediate hikers should load a GR Series Map into their smart phone, and be prepared for a longish hike.)

Jacobs Creek Trail

The Jacob’s Creek Trail provides a little over a mile of paths along this famous creek, a charming, short reminder of a wilder time. The southern end of this walk is particularly lovely, because it passes through farm land not yet subdivided into McMansion plots. (

Woodfield Reservation

The Woodfield Reservation is an off-the-beaten track preserve in north-western Princeton. It provides just under two miles of woodland hiking trails, with the greatest elevation change you’ll find within the town limits (about 100 feet), and two geologic features that kids love. The trails are laid out in two intersecting loops that cross a series of small brooks which flow during the wet season. Note that the trails do get muddy in places, especially in the spring, and because they get relatively little use, can be narrow and brushy. (Driving time is about 25 minutes; rated Intermediate for brushy trails and poor signage).

Greenway Meadows / Stony Brook Trail

It took me 22 minutes to drive to the trailhead parking lot from Trenton. Once on the trail, you’ll find yourself in a wild, tranquil world where everything seems to be right. No small feat. The path tracks Stony Brook along its flood plain. This preserved a swathe of undeveloped land through some of the most valuable real estate in New Jersey. When the leaves are up on the trees, you’re barely aware of the suburban development that surrounds you.

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