Leaf Peeping Hikes

A short list of our favorite leaf peeping hikes…

Most central and northern NJ hikes are gorgeous in the fall. But here is a select list of our very favorites.

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Clayton Park
No huge views, but lovely nonetheless. Peaks a week or two later than most.
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Fiddlers Creek Preserve
Lovely views across the ravine. No serious climbs, great for beginners!
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Griggstown Native Grassland Preserve
Fab views of tree breaks across undulating meadows.
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Mount Rose Ridge
Short, intense little hike up a steep 120' tall ridge. No distant views, but lovely trees.
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Mt. Tammany / Water Gap
Fabulous view from Mt. Tammany. Colors peak a week or two before central NJ
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Point Mountain Preserve
Fabulous views of Musconetcong Valley. Colors peak a week or two before Central NJ.
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Tohickon Valley Trail System
Incredible views across the valley, and particularly from the High Rocks area.
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Witherspoon Woods / Mountain Lakes
Easy walking with lovely views across the lake.
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Woosamonsa Ridge Preserve
Diverse, mature trees deliver stunning color display. Hills make for mid-distance views
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