Bowmans Hill Wildflower Preserve

Bowmans Hill Wildflower Preserve

Bowman’s Hill Wildflower Preserve
1635 River Rd, New Hope, PA
Open April-June, daily 9AM-5PM; July-March, open daily 10AM-4PM except closed Tuesdays
(215) 862-2924   Website    Google Maps     Trail Map GeoPDF

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Special notes for parents
This is, at root, an educational institution with lots of kid programs. Some kids will be bored silly here, but those interested in biology and flowers may find it fabulous.
The preserve is open year round, but early spring is when many native wildflowers appear.

Long-lasting Ephemera

Bowman’s Hill has changed my life.  Truly.

If you read these pages at all regularly, you know I am an avid outdoorsman and hiker.  But until I spent a couple of hours getting a guided tour of the Preserve in mid-April, I’d never focused on wildflowers.  Now, whenever I go out for a walk (which is often) I can’t get them out of my consciousness.

I learned two things.  First, that wildflowers are subtle and often tiny, and you may have to look closely to appreciate them.  Second, the concept of Spring Ephemera.  These are wildflowers that bloom for a few days in the spring, then suck down nutrients back into their root system, and let their stalk whither away.  They’re done for the year!  Wow.  Who knew? 

Something like half the species of flora that are native to the Delaware Valley are represented in the preserve.

Anyway, Bowman’s Hill Wildflower Preserve is a short drive away on the PA side of Washington’s Crossing, north of the bridge.  There’s a guided tour at 2 PM of every day, which is absolutely essential.  Or, organize a group and you can probably arrange a semi-private tour. 

Their big fundraiser is a plant sale on Mother’s Day weekend, and the following weekend.

Note the GeoPDF trail map doesn’t show the small pathways through the wildflower exhibit areas within the preserve. The map is designed for folks who want to walk the larger grounds and/or onto Bowman’s Hill which is directly south. When you tour the Wildflower Preserve, you’ll want to pick up a brochure map/guide to the wildflower paths.

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